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Review: A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks

Everyone knows just how sweet a love story A Walk to Remember is...if you don't you need to get with the program and have a book/movie marathon, okay?

In the book, Landon Carter takes us back forty years from 1999 to 1958-1959 Beaufort, North Carolina (proud NC girl right here) where he tells us about how he fell in love with Jamie Sullivan. Being teenagers, most of Beaufort High doesn't understand Jamie, the bible carrying, plain clothes wearing preacher's daughter who doesn't drink or date and likes to spend her time at the local orphanage. Seventeen year-old Landon finds himself needing a date to the dance and after asking every other girl he could, he asks Jamie knowing she helps pretty much anyone that needs it.

Jamie in turn asks Landon for a favor and slowly Landon falls for Jamie as they spend time together rehearsing for Reverend Sullivan's Christmas play. Which of course means he breaks the promise he made to Jamie before the dance... photo tumblr_mywv45Eftv1qg1zw8o1_500.gif

For a short time Landon and Jamie are happy and in love but eventually Jamie reveals the secret she's been hiding since that summer. I'm sure you know what it is but I won't blab it. photo tumblr_m43fbdyyNp1r145kno1_500.gif Okay, this may give it away but it was just so dang cute I had to post it.

A Walk to Remember is a pretty short read but it has a whole lot of heart, it's a sweet and clean love story, religious (not preachy) and one that will have you crying. photo tumblr_lvbsjpvls41r145kno1_500.gifOkay, that definitely gives the ending away but oh well.


Review: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Nevermore  - Kelly Creagh

I forgot just how much I love this book until rereading it. Varen Nethers is just...

photo tumblr_inline_mi496sCKbV1qz4rgp.gif

Nevermore is based around Edgar Allan Poe's work which is a serious plus for me because who doesn't like the gothic romance and horror stories he wrote? Our MC is Isobel Lanley, the popular, blond haired and blue eyed cheerleader who is one tough female character, which I love since I dislike most female characters (it's my curse). She's partnered up with Varen Nethers, hot goth with dark hair, gorgeous green eyes and a sexy lip ring for an English project. Straightaway Varen decides that their project will be about Edgar Allan Poe, the man that Varen is a wee bit obsessed with.

They struggle to find time to work on their project as a jealous boyfriend/friends and an overprotective dad make problems, Isobel and Varen slowly fall in love and Isobel begins to find herself sucked into Varen's dreamworld, 'caused by the sketchbook he carries where he sketches and writes to escape a bad home life. His dreams become real and his and Poe's creatures and characters come to life.

For me, Nevermore will be an all-time favorite and Varen Nethers is my favorite book boyfriend. Miss Creagh's world is one I would love to visit often and the book is quite long but it's worth it. So if you enjoy romance and creepy stories this will not disappoint.



Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi photo tumblr_myqc8q28LM1souo92o1_250.gif

I really had high hopes for Unravel Me but it just left me wondering why I bothered to spend my time reading it.


The story continues at Omega Point, where Juliette, Adam and James have been for a few weeks. Juliette isn't adjusting and Adam is acting odd while my favorite misunderstood little soldier Warner is still searching for Juliette, heaven knows why though...I really don't understand the attraction Warner has to her.


Good points, was that we learn Warner's name (though someone had already ruined it for me on Twitter and yes I am bitter xD), there is more KENJI ('nuff said) and yes, Chapter 62 was hot but I'm just not a fan of Warner/Juliette being together.


Bad points, Juliette was so freakin' self-centered and cruel to Adam in my opinion. Warner was also self-centered and cruel, I know he is supposed to be a sorta-bad guy but after reading Destroy Me and parts of Unravel Me you know he can be loving and kind but then he just turns around and acts like an ass, I still like him but want to smack him.


Overall the story was decent but I just couldn't love it like I did Shatter Me. The characters are likeable and learning about the other residents of Omega Point and having a deeper back story for some was nice but Juliette being obnoxious just kills it for me.



Review: Savor by Kate Evangelista

Savor (Vicious Feast) - Kate Evangelista

So, what can I say about Savor? Let me give you an example of me finishing this AWESOME book with a little help from Sulley...

photo tumblr_mmgkzm3ZlB1qihztbo1_250.gif











Savor is told by Dakota Collins, our photography student and eye patch wearin' MC as she prepares to graduate from college. On a job for the school paper, Dakota has a once in a lifetime meeting with the world famous rock band, Vicious whose bassist Luka Visraya is smokin' hot (okay, the whole band is smokin' hot) and difficult to figure out and she ends up getting the chance to photograph the band for her final project which means she'll be spending a month at Lunar Manor.

The story is really an all-around fun way to pass the time, the banter between everyone kept me cracking up and the sexual tension between Dakota and Luka was hot and sweet but Savor is a great deal of romance and you don't really start to learn of anything paranormal until the very end of the book so I am definitely looking forward to Relish because of that. Also, fair warning, there are some smexy, smexy scenes in Savor peeps, lots of swooning and fanning will commence for you when reading this.

In conclusion, Savor has everything you need for the perfect book, loveable characters, hot rockers, beautiful music and an ending to keep you hooked.


*Thanks to Kate Evangelista for my review copy of Savor!*


Review: Wants of an Incubus by Ashley Hill

Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare #1) - Ashley  Hill

Wants of an Incubus is pretty short at 40 pages but it was a fun way to pass the time. Annabelle misses her boyfriend who is away, so when she has a sexy dream about him that feels pretty real, she doesn't think much of it. Even as she catches glimpses of something sinister pretending to be her boyfriend she figures it's just her imagination but she soon learns that she's been with an incubus and that they're now bonded.

Overall, this wasn't an absolute favorite for me but I loved that it was an incubus story, which I haven't read a lot of but it was an interesting creature choice. The story is fast-paced and there is a talking cat, which is just the coolest in my book so I can't wait to check out the next in the series.


Review: Mistress of the Wind by Michelle Diener

Mistress of the Wind - Michelle Diener

Mistress of the Wind is the second book I've read by Michelle Diener and it was another amazing read for me. Now, I haven't read the original tale so I have no idea how close the stories are but this is a beautiful book in its own right either way.
The book follows Bjorn, the demi-god son of a Vanir (a race of Norse gods) who has been transformed into a bear by his troll of a stepmother Norga, in a bargain they've struck. If he is unable to find the girl he met many years ago and wishes to have for his own, he will be forced to marry his stepmother's daughter. As the synopsis says though Bjorn gets more than expected when he finds his lady, Astrid.
As a big fan of mythology, Mistress of the Wind was new for me since I've never read any Norse mythology. The romance is sweet, the action kick-butt and the characters loveable, especially Bjorn's friend Jorgen. The story is fast-paced and never boring, the world a beauty and Michelle's writing so wonderfully detailed that I felt I was with Bjorn and Astrid on their journey.
So for the mythology, romance and fantasy fans Mistress of the Wind is the perfect read for you.

*Thanks so much to Michelle Diener and NetGalley for letting me review Mistress of the Wind!*