Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi photo tumblr_myqc8q28LM1souo92o1_250.gif

I really had high hopes for Unravel Me but it just left me wondering why I bothered to spend my time reading it.


The story continues at Omega Point, where Juliette, Adam and James have been for a few weeks. Juliette isn't adjusting and Adam is acting odd while my favorite misunderstood little soldier Warner is still searching for Juliette, heaven knows why though...I really don't understand the attraction Warner has to her.


Good points, was that we learn Warner's name (though someone had already ruined it for me on Twitter and yes I am bitter xD), there is more KENJI ('nuff said) and yes, Chapter 62 was hot but I'm just not a fan of Warner/Juliette being together.


Bad points, Juliette was so freakin' self-centered and cruel to Adam in my opinion. Warner was also self-centered and cruel, I know he is supposed to be a sorta-bad guy but after reading Destroy Me and parts of Unravel Me you know he can be loving and kind but then he just turns around and acts like an ass, I still like him but want to smack him.


Overall the story was decent but I just couldn't love it like I did Shatter Me. The characters are likeable and learning about the other residents of Omega Point and having a deeper back story for some was nice but Juliette being obnoxious just kills it for me.