Review: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Nevermore  - Kelly Creagh

I forgot just how much I love this book until rereading it. Varen Nethers is just...

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Nevermore is based around Edgar Allan Poe's work which is a serious plus for me because who doesn't like the gothic romance and horror stories he wrote? Our MC is Isobel Lanley, the popular, blond haired and blue eyed cheerleader who is one tough female character, which I love since I dislike most female characters (it's my curse). She's partnered up with Varen Nethers, hot goth with dark hair, gorgeous green eyes and a sexy lip ring for an English project. Straightaway Varen decides that their project will be about Edgar Allan Poe, the man that Varen is a wee bit obsessed with.

They struggle to find time to work on their project as a jealous boyfriend/friends and an overprotective dad make problems, Isobel and Varen slowly fall in love and Isobel begins to find herself sucked into Varen's dreamworld, 'caused by the sketchbook he carries where he sketches and writes to escape a bad home life. His dreams become real and his and Poe's creatures and characters come to life.

For me, Nevermore will be an all-time favorite and Varen Nethers is my favorite book boyfriend. Miss Creagh's world is one I would love to visit often and the book is quite long but it's worth it. So if you enjoy romance and creepy stories this will not disappoint.