Review: A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks

Everyone knows just how sweet a love story A Walk to Remember is...if you don't you need to get with the program and have a book/movie marathon, okay?

In the book, Landon Carter takes us back forty years from 1999 to 1958-1959 Beaufort, North Carolina (proud NC girl right here) where he tells us about how he fell in love with Jamie Sullivan. Being teenagers, most of Beaufort High doesn't understand Jamie, the bible carrying, plain clothes wearing preacher's daughter who doesn't drink or date and likes to spend her time at the local orphanage. Seventeen year-old Landon finds himself needing a date to the dance and after asking every other girl he could, he asks Jamie knowing she helps pretty much anyone that needs it.

Jamie in turn asks Landon for a favor and slowly Landon falls for Jamie as they spend time together rehearsing for Reverend Sullivan's Christmas play. Which of course means he breaks the promise he made to Jamie before the dance... photo tumblr_mywv45Eftv1qg1zw8o1_500.gif

For a short time Landon and Jamie are happy and in love but eventually Jamie reveals the secret she's been hiding since that summer. I'm sure you know what it is but I won't blab it. photo tumblr_m43fbdyyNp1r145kno1_500.gif Okay, this may give it away but it was just so dang cute I had to post it.

A Walk to Remember is a pretty short read but it has a whole lot of heart, it's a sweet and clean love story, religious (not preachy) and one that will have you crying. photo tumblr_lvbsjpvls41r145kno1_500.gifOkay, that definitely gives the ending away but oh well.